The way Michael breaks down what is happening with lots of heart and clear explication of theory really helped me.
— Addictions Participant

“We now have a template with which to work from regarding addictions. As an
added bonus it was a lot of fun!”

— Addictions participant

I also wanted to say how helpful the supervision session was yesterday. I'm seeing that same couple in 15 minutes and feel much more prepared and self-aware about my own issues coming up. I appreciate you taking the initiative to propose the role-play and let me take part in it. You balanced safety with challenge. That's exactly what I was hoping to get from the supervision experience. This is the most challenged I've felt in my supervisory experiences so far, and it's helping me to grow as a therapist.

— Supervision Participant

He made the impossible understandable, and he responded to the needs of the participants with sensitivity, warmth and brilliance. Michael is a great presenter.

— Externship Participant

The [4-day externship] really helped me turn a corner in my understanding of
the model and the attachment frame. I feel like I have done my best work ever
with each client I have seen this week. It has been amazing and the EFT jig may
wear a hole in my carpet J Anyway, I feel truly energized professionally and
personally and I wanted to share that with you.

— Externship Participant


“I just wanted to say how meaningful this training was to me. I have often
operated on two tracks, (EFT and Addiction's focus). This workshop has allowed me to explore and discover helpful ways of integrating substance abuse concerns within an EFT framework, without ignoring the very real impact substance use can have on the partner and family relationships. I would love to be able to do a repeat in Atlanta!”

— Addictions Participant

Excellent training. It feels like it is opening the way for me to really do effective couples therapy

— Supervision Participant

I want to thank Michael for being a wonderful and gifted trainer. He is so warm and open that his presence really
created a warm and safe atmosphere in our group. We left our advanced Externship feeling excited and energized to continue on our EFT journey to become certified!

— Externship Participant

He did an amazing job. He opened me to a very different, and powerful way of
working than I have been previously doing.

— Externship PArticipant