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Online Supervision Group with Michael Barnett

Every other Wednesday beginning October 30, 2019 from 3:30-4:50

 As we all know, couple’s therapy in-and-of-itself can be quite complicated and nuanced, however, the realities of the presence of the real-life complexities that our clients bring to us such as unresolved trauma, co-occurring disorders, betrayals, and addictions that predictably create an extraordinary set of circumstances that even the most seasoned therapists struggle with.  

Because of the great need for more specific EFT supervision around complex cases, I will be offering an online consultation group focusing on working with couples, real couples with real complexity in their lives and relationships. The aim of the group is to assist EFT therapists in tailoring case conceptualization and therapeutic interventions to effectively meet the needs of their couples with deliberate therapeutic confidence.

The group will offer opportunities for therapists to both show video clips of their work, and discuss their cases for guidance, consultation and supervision in a safe and supportive setting. 


  • The group will be limited to 8 participants

  • Sessions are 80 minutes in duration, and will meet every other Wednesday from 3:30-4:50 EST beginning on October 30th for a total of 12 meetings:

    • Meeting Dates: October 30, November 13, December 11, January 8, January 22, February 5, February 19, March 4, March 18, and April 1, April 29, and May 13.

  • Fees: There are three payment options available:  

    • 1 lump sum of $960.00 (Savings of $100.00) 

    • 2 payments of $510.00  (Savings of $40.00)

    • 4 payments of $265.00

  • The group will meet on Zoom – a HIPAA compliant secure video-conferencing platform

  • In order to address the predictable self-of the therapist issues that surface when working with traumatized clients, we ask that participants commit to the entirety of the group series of all 12 session for the explicit goal of promoting an environment of emotional safety.

    • Although the minimal commitment to the group is 12 sessions, by no means does that mean that you are limited to 12 sessions of supervision with the group. Most groups stay together for several years (I have one group who is entering their 10th year together!)

    • In addition to creating a forum that promotes and supports you offering more effective therapy, the group is also for YOU. We can NEVER separate out the person of the therapist and the therapy that they/we offer.

    • Therefore, I intend to keep group membership small so that we can connect and form a genuine, safe and productive learning community with one another.

Online Supervision Group with Michael Barnett
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