People come to therapy for many different reasons.

Therapy begins with an emotional environment where things that have been left unsaid, can be said aloud. A therapist can help recognize and deal with the obvious and not-so-obvious patterns in life, such as repeatedly engaging in unsatisfying relationships, or having difficulty following through with life or career projects. Despite knowing that certain behaviors aren’t working for them anymore, it may be very hard for someone to change their behavior. These patterns can generate continual feelings of indifference, and can leave someone feeling unsatisfied, or frustrated and hopeless.  

Why Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples?

EFT is an approach that was developed in the '80s to work with couples, it's an approach that focuses very much on how people deal with their emotions and how they send emotional signals to their spouse, and then how this emotion becomes the music of their interactional dance.

It's an attachment-oriented approach. Attachment is a broad theory of personality and human development that focuses on emotion. By doing so, it assumes that we all have very deep needs for safe connection and emotional contact, and that when those needs aren't met, we get stuck in very negative interactional patterns.

In addition to working to find relief for emotional pain, therapy can provide someone with the experiences, tools, and insight to making meaningful changes in their life and their relationships.

Ready to make an appointment? Here’s what to expect during your first visit.